Make a Buddy Burner

Easiest stove I can think of. Long burning. And you can continue adding fuel.

It’s as simple as rolling up cardboard and cramming it into a tuna can or  similar container. Add melted wax, or crayons and light. There are dozens of videos on YouTube. But not all of them are clear about two things.
>>First, make sure you cut cardboard against the corrugation.
>>Second. A safety issue. Do not be tempted to overfill the container after your initial filling  of wax has cooled and the space seems available. As soon as the burner heats up in use the wax will overflow.

This is a good video:

Mini Buddy Burner Using Tea Light Cup
I believe this could be refueled during use:

Use Drinking Straws for Storage

All you need are a few straws you may have saved from Starbucks, needle nose pliers, and a cigarette lighter. Check this video:

Keep looking here for the tricks and skills I and others have discovered over time.

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