Defenestrated Definitions N – Z

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Remembering the Defenestration of Prague – May  23, 1618

Nevertheless, adv. Actually, you’re full of it.
Nostrum, interj. Momma don’t allow no guitar playing here.
Nothing, v. Act of repetitive noth.
Ordnance, n. Implement ambidextrously applied to enforce or violate an ordinance.
Ort Cloud, n. A collection of particles, randomly distributed at distances ranging from .03 to 3000 BPLs (Baby Palm Lengths). A discovery common to young parents, though occasionally visited upon unsuspecting grandparents.
Ostracism a, n. Formal worship of a very large bird.
b, n, Very curious response to fear.
Outlier, n. Self proclaimed winner of political debate.
Pilot, n. A whole lotta Pie.
Plague, n. If you have ague, then it has you.
Police Reform, n. When you dial 911 and get a social services voicemail.
Procrastination, n, Most efficient method of birth control.
Prokaryote, n. Evolutionary ancestor of the Wileycoyote.
Pro-Magnon, n. Neolithic athlete
Rantipole, n. Angry resident of Warsaw.
Rebate, n. Tireless extension of debate.
Redress, n. After you spill the lasagna on your lap.
Reflex, n. When she doesn’t notice the first time.
Relies, n. Statements provided to clarify the previous explanations.
Repast, v. Pathetic attempt to escape the future.
Repose, v. When the first picture isn’t good enough.
Reprobate, v. When your closet cousin contests the will.
Respite, n. When just getting even is not enough.
Scatology, n. Fruit of the loo.
Science, n. Official arbiter ambidextrously applied by those hoping you will neither know nor understand its definition, See Bible,
Sheep, n. Female heep.
Solace, v. Or else you will trip over them.
Split Infinitive, n, Grammatical felony, sentence is for a period of comma without conjugation.
Staycation 2020, n. A stay that will live in infamy.
Stealthing, n. Removing one’s campaign promise after taking office.
Theosaur, n. Jurassic clergyman.
Transfusion, n. The uncertainty that occurs whenever a new gender is added to the list.
Translogic, n. The mechanism by which beliefs become facts. See Transmoral.
Transmoral, n. The newly discovered science by which morality is determined by personal choice. See Translogic.
Transom, n, Esoteric gender encompassing everything – the beginning the middle and the end, the past the present and the future. Pronouns include they, those, these, and them. Disrespect at your peril.
Tuna, n. Fish god of ancient Tunisia.
Twitter, n. Our cumulative intelligence as contained in the avian mind.
Ululate, interog. Yeah? Why u late?
Umlaut a, n. German egg recipe. b, n, Boorish person from the Reich.
Unfounded Claim, n. Your opponent’s opinion.
Vexination, n. Anger over the threat of immunization.
Virtue Signaling, n. When my outrage trumps your outrage.
Wanton, n. Unabashed dumpling soup.
Woke, n. It ain’t no joke.
Woman, n. Legal definition currently unavailable. Please check back later.
Wysteria, n. The cause of insurrection in your front yard.
Yesterday, n. The most recent entry on your list of things you are trying to forget.
Zygote, n. Living tissue, ambidextrously defined as parasite or child, according to the “host”‘. See Fetus

There is an appointed time for everything,
A time for every activity under the heavens:
. . . A time to weep and a time to laugh. . .
– Ecclesiastes, Ch. 1